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I love to write, read and draw. I’ve always dreamed of sharing my work and now it has come true. Thanks for my mom for helping me set my website up! I hope you like my work and I’ll try and keep updated!

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Me and my Rainbow Loom

Loom Pencil Grips - alex from down under

It’s official!  I’m now part of the Rainbow Loom community!

Thanks to my good friend who gave me a loom set,  I’ve been hooked into it ever since! I like the way it uses your imagination to make jewelry and other stuff. I used to see my friends playing with it during lunchtimes and I thought it was something “too girly” so I never even imagined using it. Now that i have learned how to use it, I have realized that it is not only fun but educational too! I’ve only had my loom for a week and I’ve already made tons of bracelets. I’ve watched Youtube videos and learned some techniques from my friends.

Now, I have branched out and tried other design variations, too, until I came across the pencil grips!

The Rainbow Loom Pencil Grips

The Pencil grips are great because it’s really easy to make and not time consuming. No one else in my school was making them so I thought maybe it’s kinda unique.

The first pencil grip I made was, to me, the most successful. Woot! Woot! I liked it so much that I had to buy new loom bands from the Two Dollar Shop so that I can make some more!

Business Potential

Our school is currently being renovated, so we temporarily ride a bus to another school everyday. While on one of the bus rides, I decided to bring some pencil grips and show them to my friends.  One of my friends, whom I showed the pencil grips to, really liked them that she bought two pieces from me! Yippee!

Pet Shop“Don’t you have your own Loom?” I asked her.”Yes,” she answered back, “but I don’t make good quality ones like these!” 🙂

She inspired me to make more and sell some more.

Saving Up and Helping Out

I decided to sell and raise some funds so that I can raise enough money to buy what I have been dreaming for months now – a Lego Modular Pet Shop!

I hope you can help me save up by buying my beautiful pencil grips. I also sell other products and the price depends on the number of loom bands I use. Down below are the prices for the things I am selling. I guarantee you that I only sell my best products. 🙂

For every bracelet/pencil grip/key chain I sell, I donate 25c of the price to the Solomon Islands (via Unicef) to help with the flooding and earthquakes there.

Solomon Islands Flood Appeal Unicef - alexfromdownunder

My Products and Prices (NZD)

Pencil Grips - alexfromdownunderPencil Grips (choose 2 or 3 colours) = $1.25
Key Rings - alexfromdownunderPencil Key Chains/Key Charms (colours chosen for you)    = $1.25
Waterfall bracelet - alexfromdownunderSmall Waterfall Bracelets (choose 2 or 3 colours)    = $1.25
Waterfall bracelet - alexfromdownunderLarge Waterfall Bracelets (choose 2 or 3 colours)    = $1.50
Simple Bracelets ( Choose one colour only)        = 50c
Starburst bracelet - alexfromdownunderSmall Starburst Bracelets ( Choose 7 or less colours) = $2.25
Starburst bracelet - alexfromdownunderLarge Starburst Bracelets ( Choose 7 or less colours) = $2.50
Raindrop bracelet - alexfromdownunderRaindrops Bracelets ( Choose 3 colours only)   = $1.25
Fishtail bracelet - alexfromdownunderFishtail Bracelets  (Choose 2 – 4 colours )            = $1.25

Colours available:

  • Light Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Where to order:

If you want to order, message me through my Facebook page, or click here.



SHORT FILMS: Shopping Day! (2014)

This is my experimental Lego stop motion movie – hoping to get cooler gadgets someday for better resolution and effects.

I’ve had several attempts to make a Lego Brickfilm (a Lego Short Film). This is the only time I got to finish one. Even though it was short, it took a very long time to make. It took me roughly about half an hour to make the props/set and an hour to take the photos and about half an hour to edit and add the music and voice.

It took a very long time but it was all worth it. Some of the pictures are blurred and out of focus but hey, I’m an amateur and only 11. 

I had some fun during the process, but sometimes during the photo session, my brothers kept annoying me and started moving the camera so I had to do the whole scene again!

My favourite part of the video was when he was paying for the clothes and wig he bought. 🙂

Here you go, enjoy!

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REVIEW: RIO 2 (2014)

AFDU (Alex from Down Under) Rating = 8.0 
IMDB Rating = 6.8
101 minutes
Adventure, Animation, Comedy


RIO2 - alexfromdownunderNothing beats Rio soundtrack!

There are lots of really good parts on this Rio sequel, but one scene that really stood out is the part when Gabby, the pink tree frog sang a love song about Nigel. It was hilarious! Like I said, the music is wonderful! It really makes the movie livelier apart from the beautiful, bright colours they used.

I strongly recommend this for younger viewers. It’s funny, and they will surely enjoy it! I have two younger brothers, ages 6 and 4, and I can’t remember a part of the movie where they didn’t smile or laugh.

I like the story. Even though it is quite simple – really targets the young viewers. But the writers got away with it with the wonderful music they added. My favourite character was Gabby. She was really cute and small and pink! I like her personality. How she stops at nothing to make her love, Nigel, love her as much as she loves him. You’ll find out what happens to their love at the end of the movie! 😀

The Jungle is incredible! You can’t miss the extreme details on the trees and the intricate details on Blu and Jewel! The story is about a sighting of another blue macaw in the Amazon jungle. Of course, the only known blue macaw family in Rio De Janeiro will not just let this offer of finally finding other blue macaws in years pass by! Especially for the adventurous Jewel! So this is about the family travelling across Brazil to the Amazon, and then in the end, finding “home”.

This is suitable for all ages and contains very mild violence at the end. This will be a great movie if you just want to sit down and watch a decent movie. I strongly recommend this for younger viewers and up. It’s funny and also heart-warming.

Rafael quote, both funny and catchy, “Happy wife, happy life!”

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REVIEW: Catching Fire Movie (2013)

AFDU (Alex from Down Under) Rating = 8.7 
IMDB Rating = 7.8
146 minutes
Adventure, Thriller, Sci-fi movie


Catching Fire Review - AFDUThis is, no doubt, the best Hunger Games movie I’ve watched so far!

I have got to say, I like Catching Fire way better than Hunger games (first movie). The storyline is very clever and catchy. I liked the way Katniss figured out that the arena was a clock! It created a whole new twist to it. But there are the ups and downs; I think the camera moved too much (especially during the start of the movie). I know it creates the illusion that you’re the person running away but it makes me way too dizzy.  😀

As always, the soundtrack of the film was brilliant! Each song was perfect for each scene. How theyhave quiet music for the emotional parts and loud thunderous music in the exciting parts. The arena was really nice. Somehow they found a way to make it really realistic. Also when Katniss shot the arrow into the dome, this metal stuff started falling out. I liked that part; it made it looked like the arena was an arena. The inside was all jungle, blue skies, water and animals. Outside, gray everything, buildings everywhere. I liked how it was presented in the movie!

The story is very well written – kudos to Suzanne Collins for this! I like how she managed to put Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, back into the Hunger Games (through the Quarter Quell). The hunger games are where 24 teenagers fight in an arena to the death. The Capitol did this so that they can stop the uprising from starting. But what I think is that the rebellion was actually coming, and what the capitol did just stalled it and made the districts even angrier.

This movie is for mature audiences ages 16 and up. But I think 13 year olds and up will appreciate it, too.  This is not good for younger children as it contains short violent scenes. I am 11 and I loved it, but I would recommend Parental Guidance for kids my age. I can’t wait for the next movie – Mocking jay Part 1!

As what Haymitch says, “Remember who the real enemy is…”

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My Drawings – Emma Watson

Drawing - Emma Watson - AFDU

Emma Watson sketch by Alex


I remember when I drew Emma Watson a month ago, it doesn’t look exactly like her but hey, I’m only 11.

I believe I was looking for someone to draw that night. “Someone pretty,” I said to my Dad, ” and I want someone easy to draw.”

“Taylor swift?” my Dad was giving me suggestions to whom I could draw.

“Nah, I tried her, remember? She was too hard to draw – with all her curls.”

My Dad thought again. “How about Hermione? You know, the one from Harry Potter? The really pretty one?”

“Oh yeah! I should draw her!” I thought for a moment, “what’s her real name again?”

“Emma Watson.”


I instantly opened my iPad mini and searched up ‘Emma Watson’. I always look for a perfect picture, one that looks like her, because sometimes even if they take a picture of her, she doesn’t look like herself. I kept searching.

Then, I saw the perfect one. One that looks like her, and has a few hair and it was easy! I literally grabbed my pencil from the table and started to sketch.

I start with lighter strokes and then gradually it starts to get darker – carefully sketching out where the eyes should be. where the mouth should be. It needs to be carefully proportioned. If it’s not, then it would look like an alien from outer space. 🙂

“Done!” my parents looked at it in amazement.

“Well done! Lets post it on Facebook!” my parents said.

“You could be an artist!”

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REVIEW: Hunger Games Movie (2012)

AFDU (Alex from Down Under) Rating = 7.9 
IMDB Rating = 7.3
142 minutes
Adventure, Thriller, Sci-fi movie

HG 03

Thrilling, unpredictable and absolutely entertaining!

Aside from the emotional part where Katniss volunteered to become a Tribute in place of her sister, Prim, my other favourite part is when Katniss and Peeta (who was hurt) were in a cave in the Hunger Games arena. Katniss tricked Peeta into sleeping and went to the Cornucopia to find medicine for him.

The movie has a great plot and exceptional actors to assist it. I believe that the actors chosen for this movie worked well with their characters. Jennifer Lawrence played as the lead role – Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire – and Josh Hutcherson played as Peeta Mellark – Katniss’ co-Tribute from District 12.

This story is about 24 teenagers picked to play in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death. The soundtrack for this movie is extraordinarily perfect for each scene. I think the soundtrack is important because it sets the mood for the movie. I’ve watched this movie several times and I don’t think I was able to find anything unlikable about it.

I think this is a great movie, enjoyable for ages thirteen and up (I’m only 11 when I watched this and I liked it! 🙂 ). It has short violent scenes, so it might not be good for younger children. I find it dramatic, intriguing and left me with a cliff-hanger that made me want for more.

As Effie Trinket always says, “May the odds be ever in your favour.”

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Musical Journey: From Nursery Rhymes to Beethoven

I have been practising my latest piano piece (Minuet in G by Beethoven) for my upcoming recital.  I thought it was very hard to learn but I managed to learn it through practice. This is what I have come up so far:

I remember when I first started my keyboard lessons, I was excited but a bit anxious.  I was scared that I might not learn.  But our book is quite easy to follow so I learned easily.

When I started playing piano, I couldn’t even read a single note. Practice helped a lot.

I also remember the first keyboard piece I played without making a mistake 🙂  It was Mary had a little lamb. I was so proud that I finished a piece even though it was just a simple nursery song (rhyme).  Here goes:

I just couldn’t believe that  my musical journey has taken me from Nursery rhymes to Beethoven.

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Having Two Brothers…

This is a poem I made for my two cute brothers…

My Brothers and Me

When you have two brothers, you are quite blessed,
Even though your patience will always be tested.
They will follow your every move so make a good impression,
because you’re the one who will lead them to the right direction.

When you’re lonely or sad,
They will make you feel glad.
And when you’re in trouble,
They’ll be there on the double.

I love my two brothers; they are simply the best.
They have the gift of love – loving me among the rest.
I will always be thanking God from up above the sky
For giving me my two cool brothers – the apples of my eye.

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Halloween Night

“Sitting down on my rocking red chair, knowing that he would eventually come, I started to worry. It was dark, and the only light I could see is the small beam of moonlight peeking through my window. A cold breeze made me shiver – an unmistakable sign that he was already here.

I could hear footsteps coming closer and closer, followed by a mild thug. I thought I dropped my book on the floor but I wouldn’t dare check.

Halloween NightThen suddenly, a shadow came towards me. It walked along the red fuzzy carpet, knocking over my mother’s lamp!

It was the Dark Shadow!

I knew that he would come. Halloween is his favourite night! He would steal everyone’s candy and throw them away in the junkyard! So evil!

I went outside the door, taking careful steps so that the Dark Shadow wouldn’t hear and notice me. Wrong move! One more step and he was right in front of me!”

A long pause.

“There has to be more!” my brothers shouted desperately.

“Sadly, that’s all I could remember!” I said with a grin. After that we all went to sleep with the lights on.
Booo!!!! Happy Halloween to all!

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